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The Greater Louisville Hamfest 2017 Mailing is Here
     The GLH-2017 Mailings will be coming soon, but if you can't wait, then get all the information about the hamfest in your hands now, by checking out the mailing page. Download it or view it and get all the details about GLH-2017 in the flyer, including Forums, Major Prizes, Contest and V.E. Testing Information and more!

Greater Louisville Hamfest Store Mystery Prize Winners
     Our June Mystery Prize winner, Phil Parrish W4AIN who won a a $25 Gift Card to Texas Roadhouse. Our July winner, Andrew Majot K5QO won a $25 Gift Card to Applebee's Grill & Bar. Congratulations and thanks for ordering early from our store. Videos of the drawings are on our Facebook page.

Forums at Greater Louisville Hamfest 2017
     We are excited to have Dan Hund KB4CF bringing us a 10am program in his Magnetic Loop Antenna Forum. If you don't know about these great little MLA antennas, you will after this forum. Dan will tell you about them and explain how to build your own. The MLA is the perfect antenna for those living in an apartment or area where typical outdoor antennas can't be used. So if you need a stealthy antenna to get on the air, want to try to build your own antenna, or just want to expand your knowledge about antennas, you'll want to see what this forum has to offer.
     Matt Simons KK4ZDZ will be conducting a 2-part presentation in the 11am forum. The program begins with Software Defined Radio (SDR), a technology that is been expanding throughout the Amateur Radio community. Secondly, Matt will be talking about FlightAware and ADS-B. This is a way you can track planes and their paths, based in satellite signals directly from the aircraft in flight. Join Matt for this exciting SDR & FlightAware and ADS-B Presentation.
     All day, ARRL representatives will be on hand at the ARRL Booth. At 9am in the ARRL Forum you can join them to learn about how the ARRL has been supporting Amateur Radio.

Major Prizes for GLH-2017
     With the positive feedback we received last year about our variety of prizes, we decided to keep the trend going. Here's our list of prizes for this year:
1. MFJ-259C HF/VHF/220 MHz .52-230 MHz SWR Analyzer
2. MFJ-198B LaCrosse Wireless Weather Station with CPU USB Interface (NEW for 2017)
3. MFJ-2289 BigEAR Portable 8-Band Dipole, 7.0-55 MHz, 1 kW
4. MFJ-890 Atomic DX Beacon Monitor (14, 18, 21, 24, 28 MHz Bands)
5. BaoFeng UV-82HP Radio
6. BaoFeng UV-82HP Radio
7. MFJ-131RC Atomic Analog 12/24 Hour Clock
8. MFJ-131RC Atomic Analog 12/14 Hour Clock
All of these can be seen - with links to most of the manuals - on our Major Prizes page.

Contests - New and Old
     This year our new contest will be the Show Off Your Shack Contest where you provide a picture of your ham shack and fellow hams at the show can vote on their favorite. There will be two categories - Best Shack and Worst Shack - you choose which category you want to try for. This could also provide the opportunity for a before and after photo. We will have more details soon, but you can only enter one photo for each category and you can't have anything that will identify the ownership of your shack. Photos must be no larger than 4x6 and must be taken landscape mode. Photos cannot include a person, a pet or any identifying information (like your name or callsign). Each photo will be reviewed and any identify information will be blacked our with a marker, if necessary. We hope you'll participate in this fun new contest.
     We are also bringing back the QSL Card Contest. The card can be yours or one you received. You may also create your own card. This year we are allowing only one QSL card per person, to keep it fair to everyone.
     Both contests will take place at the hamfest. Photos and QSL cards must be submitted before 9am to be entered into the contest. Voting will be by your peers (no hinting about your shack, please) from 9:15 until noon. Contest winners will be announced at 12:30pm and prizes will be awarded at that time. If the winner is not present, the prize will be mailed to the address provided at signup.

Just 1 Hour Needed to Volunteer for Help at the Hamfest
     All we ask is one hour of your time to be a volunteer at the hamfest. That will get you a free Admission Ticket to GLH-2017, a nifty Volunteer Badge and you will be entered into our for-volunteers-only drawing for one of two $25 gift cards at a popular restaurant. We need volunteers to help make the hamfest a success and that's why we want to offer something to reward those who help.
     GLHA Team Members will be at local club meetings with Volunteer Signup sheets to let us know you want to help. We even provide space so you can include a preferred time to help.
     We hope this year you will give just one hour of your time to help us with GLH-2017 so together we can provide another successful hamfest.